Class Projects

Palette - The First Portable Paint Tinting Device

September 2021 - December 2021

Product Engineering Processes is an undergraduate mechanical engineering capstone course in which students design and produce a novel product. Currently, if a commercial painter needed to repair a wall, she would have to take a chip to a hardware store, where an industrial machine would dispense the accurate ratio of paint tints into a base paint. This process wastes time and money, so my 18-student team developed Palette: a device that brings the hardware store to the worksite. Palette is durable, efficient, and accurate, and users can purchase tint refills to use the device as often as desired.

MadaSal - Highly Efficient Solar Still for Madagascar

February 2021 - Current

Water, Sanitation, and Hygeine Engineering for Developing Nations is an undergraduate class in which students collaborate with developing nations to create sustainable technology for clean water access. Alongside the social enterprise Tatirano, I worked to empower women and girls throughout Southern Madagascar through developing financially-sustainable and accessible clean water technologies. With a small team spanning continents, I developed a low-cost, highly-efficient solar desalination still that uses the sun's rays to turn seawater into drinking water for local families. I constructed a fully-functional prototype, presented at the 2021 MADLab symposium, and was awarded funding from GIZ for further work. I am currently facilitating local manufacturing of my designs.

Microfluidics Device for E. Coli Detection

February 2021 - November 2021

Micro/Nano Processing Technology is an undergraduate laboratory class that teaches nanofabrication and the applications of nanotechnology in various disciplines, concluding with a large, personal research project. I investigated the application of high-level technology in rural areas for securing human rights. I had learned through my multinational collaborations that detecting contaminants in water was as vital as treating it, as water-borne diarrheal diseases torment children worldwide. I consistently drank filtered water in India, but I’d noticed no other village kids could, and public health inspections were slow and infrequent. I identified a need for rapid contamination detection systems, as conventional bacterial tests take 24 hours, and designed a simple, reusable microfluidics device that melds computation and fluid dynamics to count bacterial concentrations in seconds. I am currently engineering a testing kit for rural communities to mitigate bacterial diseases, and hope to develop one tailored to refugee camps. My research has won the MIT 2021 Nanofabrication Award and was accepted to the 2021 MIT IEEE Undergraduate Conference.

Mass YoYo Production

February 2021 - May 2021

Design and Manufacturing II is an undergraduate laboratory class that emphasizes the design for mass production and manufacturing process control. Alongside a team of eight, I designed a yo-yo with CAD, created CAM to machine injection and thermoforming molds, produced hundreds of plastic parts, and assembled a hundred yoyos. I also analyzed our production chain to fit within the three-sigma model.

Making a 3-Axis Mill from Scratch

February 2021 - May 2021

I was accepted to an LMP Apprenticeship , in which our major project was building a 3-axis mill from scratch. We decided to use a threadless nut assembly, and designed and manufactured all our parts ourselves. I developed CAD, CAM, and CNC skills, as well as the ability to create unique, custom parts from stock material.

Recreating Ancient Metallurgy Techniques

February 2021 - May 2021

Introduction to Metalsmithing is an undergraduate laboratory class in which students learn metallurgy techniques from ancient civilization, and then design and produce works of art harnessing those methods. For instance, I recreated Mayan lost-wax casting techniques to produce a serpant hailing from Hindu mythology. I also forged and hammered a singing bowl with patina illustrating a bird-filled sky.

Power Electronics

September 2020 - December 2020

Power Electronics Laboratory is an undergraduate class in which students learn how to develop converters, pulse width modulators, and drive waveforms. Students explore MOSFETs, built amplifiers, and develop the controls circuits of a go-kart. For the final project, I developed a DJ song mixing station, which could play music given AUX input, modulate one song with another, and reproduce DJ sound effects like scratching.

A Day on Mars - VR Immersive Experience

September 2020 - December 2020

Making Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning Experiences is an undergraduate class in which teams of Harvard, Berklee, and MIT students develop immersive Virtual Reality experiences. My team developed an astronaut training program under the mentorship of Dr. Dava Newman, the former deputy administrator of NASA. Users can drive a rover around Mars, explore the unique minerology in craters, and perform scientific experiments in a Mars base.

Design and Manufacturing I

February 2020 - May 2020

Design and Manufacturing is an undergraduate laboratory class that emphasizes the design process and principles of manufacturing. Students model their robot designs with CAD software, mathematically apply physics laws to mechanical situations, and compete in a final tournament. I designed a robot which incorporates an elevator lift and dual-motor rotor to score points on a gameboard. I modeled my design in SolidWorks, and ran FEA simulations to test its performance under competition stress and stimuli. I also individually manufactured and assembled my physical robot, created the electrical systems, and wrote the controls code in Arduino.

Digital Systems Laboratory

September 2019 - December 2019

Digital Systems Laboratory is an advanced electrical engineering course that teaches Verilog and FPGA design. For my final project, I developed an FPGA-controlled hologram with a small team. We were inspired by the Ironman Mobius Strip scene in Avengers Endgame, and decided to recreate it ourselves. We used Verilog on a Nexys4-DDR board, and built the display rig. My Ironman costume consists of 3-d printed parts, with embedded LEDs controlled through Arduino.

Design for Complex Environmental Issues

February 2019 - May 2019

Design for Complex Environmental Issues is focused on applying the design process to helping communities around the world. The Navajo Nation in the Four Corners region of the US is in a water crisis: much of surface and groundwater is contaminated with uranium due to strip mining. I worked with the Navajo Nation over a year, to understand the crisis, the culture, and the necessities of the people. With a team, I developed this simple, low-cost solar still to allow families on the Nation to produce clean drinking water from their well water. I visited the Nation as well, to gather feedback and test the design. All materials used are freely available in the Nation